Operating Instructions

  1. Check integrity of device and pouch to ensure that there are no leaks, breaks, cracks, etc.
  2. Remove cap from SpraySmart® device.
  3. Massage pouch for 10 seconds and shake for 20 seconds to ensure that paint is mixed.
  4. Insert pouch into the bottom of the cap until nozzle extends through cap opening.
  5. Hold inner ring of cap and turn counter clockwise to lock cap to pouch.
  6. Insert pouch into device and secure top assembly by screwing down outer ring onto the body of the device until tight.
  7. Press the power button on the bottom of the device to start the compression of the paint pouch.
    • The green “Ready” light will begin blinking.
    • The device can be placed into wand as needed.
  8. When green “Ready” light turns solid green the device is ready to spray paint, even though compressor may continue to run.
  9. The device will automatically pressurize and run the compressor as needed to maintain pressure.
  10. To change pouch or storage of device:
    • Press the device power button to turn off.
    • Release the pressure in the device by pressing the pressure relief valve located on the cap, the release of air from the device is audible.
    • Unscrew the cap by turning it counter clockwise.
    • Pull cap and pouch out of the device.
    • Hold pouch and turn cap counter clockwise to release the pouch from the device cap.
    • The pouch can then be stored or disposed of.
  11. Charge device when the battery indicator shows 1 bar. Battery indicator will flash when battery is drained.
  12. Once battery is charged, unplug the charger and remove the device.