Frequently Asked Questions

How does the device work?

The device works on compression technology.

What formula type is the paint?

The paint is a solvent-based formula.

How many feet does the paint cover?

The SpraySmart® system marks more linear feet than the leading competitor.

How wide is the line?

The line width moves with you! The distance to the substrate will determine how wide the line is. On average a 4″ distance will produce a 1.25″–2″ line.

How can I tell what color is in the pouch?

Each pouch is transparent to allow the color and paint level to show through.

What is the durability of the device?

The device is tough and made to survive a locator’s every day routine.

Is the pouch durable?

The pouch is made of a high quality, durable material.  You are able to drop or step on the pouch without worrying.

How do I charge the system?

A wall charger is included.

How long does it take to charge?

It takes 4-6 hours for a complete charge using the wall charger.

How long does the battery last?

On a full charge the device sprays 48 full pouches. The device will indicate when the battery is running low with a flashing bar on the power panel. You can spray approximately 9 pouches when that occurs.

What type of battery does the device use?

Lithium Ion

How long does it take to bring the device up to full pressure?

A full pouch will come up to pressure in less than 30 seconds.

I’m concerned about the time it takes to switch over a pouch.

Locators that have tested the SpraySmart® system were impressed by how fast it was to change the pouch. For larger jobs you can carry twice as many pouches as cans, reducing the amount of trips back to your vehicle. In one example a locator carried 6 pouches to 3 cans. This means you can carry 300% more paint (brand dependent). You also do not need to spend 2 minutes shaking a can or stopping intermittently to shake it.

How does the device perform in rain and snow?

The canister is durable enough to withstand rain, snow and water exposure. However, it is not submergible and should not be left in standing water. If the device is briefly exposed to standing water (i.e. dropped in a puddle) it will still perform as expected.

How does the device perform in cold weather?

The device has been tested in weather as low as -9°F with wind chills as low as -29°F. The performance was not affected and continued to spray. It should be noted that cold weather will impact battery life.

What happens to the pouch in cold weather?

The paint pouches will freeze at some point, however, during testing, pouches were left out in temperatures below 32°F for several weeks. They did not freeze and sprayed without any problems.

How does the device perform in hot weather?

The device has been tested in temperatures of 115°F and performance was not affected. The device continued to spray where an aerosol can showed signs of exposure.

What happens to the pouch in hot weather?

The pouches remain stable and intact even in the hottest weather.  Cases were stored inside hot cars in extreme temperatures. The integrity of the pouches were not compromised and sprayed without issue.

Do I need to buy a special wand?

SpraySmart® is created to work with your existing marking wand.

I don’t have disposal issues.

There are other key areas where SpraySmart® can help reduce your costs:

  1. Transparent pouch = no waste. See how much paint is left and use it all. Eliminates throwing away partially filled cans.
  2. No storage or shipping restrictions
  3. Safer to transport since it is propellant free
  4. Can carry more paint in trucks which means less trips to warehouse to restock truck
  5. One-pass coverage in windy and dusty conditions

What if I lose the cap?

We will be supplying extra caps with the initial purchase. We also have replacement caps available.