Top 8 Benefits of SpraySmart®

Empty Pouches Can Be Disposed of With Standard Waste

  • Improved efficiency with fast disposal
  • No more transporting empty cans to disposal facility
  • Eliminate unnecessary disposal costs
  • Eliminate concerns over disposal fines
  • Keeps locators marking and not disposing of cans


  • Pouches will not explode/expand in hot storage areas, back of truck, etc.
  • Hot areas sometimes cause propellant to expand and blow off tips — does not happen with pouch
  • No special requirements for storage—can store more and eliminate stock out issues
  • No aerosol related insurance costs
  • No claims for damaged cans
  • Can expedite air shipments (air freight)
  • Eliminate extra hazmat transportation costs

One pass application in all weather and on all surfaces

  • Faster application
  • Paint marks ground in windy conditions, aerosol blows away in the wind
  • Paint covers in one pass on any substrate – dirt, asphalt, grass, snow, sand and more
  • Improved productivity with fewer product change outs
  • Faster application allows for more completed locates
  • Better linear foot coverage means less wasted paint
  • Extends season by allowing for cold weather application

Change out time

  • Pouch change outs are faster and easier — 30 second pouch mixing +10 second device change out
  • Cans take 2 minutes shaking plus multiple stops and mixing time throughout job
  • More labor efficiencies equal more completed tickets in a day

Minimal Overspray

  • Less clean up necessary
  • Less chance of damage claims from overspray

Pouch takes up less room

  • Can carry more paint on person for long tickets
  • Can carry more paint in truck for less trips to warehouse to restock
  • More tickets completed due to faster marking time and ability to mark in all types of weather
  • Gas and time savings on locators not needing to restock on paint as often

Unique transparent pouch

  • Lets you see how much paint so you use it all — no waste
  • Paint pouches are lightweight and easy to carry
  • Know how much paint is left in a pouch before starting a locate
  • Less paint to buy
  • No more wasted product left in cans
  • Utilize entire purchase
  • No paint disposal costs
  • No can crushing needed — labor savings

Fits in existing marking wands

  • No new training or wands needed
  • Electronics are intuitive
  • Does the work for you, no maintenance needed
  • Marking procedures stay the same, it just gets more efficient