• I’m currently purchasing another brand of marking paint and just saw SpraySmart® in action today and I would definitely use this product.
    President of Locating | LaCrescenta, CA

  • I really like the concept of SpraySmart® and what it could mean for my job. The weight of the pouches alone will save me fuel.
    Locator | Manassas, VA

  • I really liked locating with the SpraySmart® system. It was very easy to tag on my tickets.
    Locator | Riverside, CA

  • I’m as excited for SpraySmart® as a kid at Christmas. This will change our business.
    VP of Locating | Phoenix AZ

  • SpraySmart® will help us eliminate our fines for disposal.
    Buyer | Denver, CO

  • It’s just cool!
    Distributor | Orlando, FL

  • I really like how SpraySmart® works on dirt. I can use less paint to make my marks and complete my locates faster.
    Locator | Denver CO

  • SpraySmart® even marks in windy conditions! The paint doesn’t blow everywhere. Amazing!
    Locator | Madison, WI

  • Once you see it in action you can’t wait to try it. It’s about time someone came up with something like this.
    Locator, CGA Show Booth Visitor | Phoenix, AZ

  • If Rust-Oleum makes it it has to be good. Truly an amazing product that can help my company save money.
    Locator, CGA Show Booth Visitor | Phoenix, AZ